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Apr 28, 2020

Crossnet is an e-commerce company with an excellent marketing strategy. Spencer talks with Chris Meade about how you can grow your business during COVID_19.

Episode Highlights

  • When the company started
  • Taking pre-orders right now
  • Shipping orders as fast as possible 
  • Learning how to play volleyball in a fun way 

Apr 14, 2020

The term “family office” is a little known term and approach in the financial world. I talk with David Shirkey who manages their family office and strategic initiatives at Orbitform. If you're looking to create a family legacy, this episode is rare and full of valuable insights.

Links and Resources

Apr 1, 2020

Nathan Hirsch from shares outsourcing frameworks so you can hire better people, avoid turnover and increase productivity. He recently exited from FreeeUp which is a freelance platform and Nathan is now sharing the strategies and processes to getting the right freelances working for...