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Jul 20, 2018

If you’re trying to find the right niche or product so you can ramp up an ecommerce business this is the episode for you. Today I talk with Jason Miles who is the co-founder of a super successful ecommerce company. He also started a non-profit and is a world-class business educator. How does this guy do it all? Find out! He shares insights on what it takes to really win with ecommerce and especially on Shopify in 2018.


Also a special thanks to Jason. Of all the guests I’ve interviewed you can genuinely tell he cares about people and cares about making a positive impact on the world. Remember to say thanks to him


Episode Highlights

  • How Jason decided what to focus on and how he avoided all the distractions.
  • Why he focused on a narrow audience and how it caused huge growth.
  • A behind the scene view of running social contests and how it may be your best promotion tool.
  • Why you should be looking at “shelf life” when it comes to social media, and what platforms you should focus on.
  • He gives us a snapshot of a day in the life balancing a successful ecommerce store, running a non-profit, teaching on Udemy and Winning on Shopify.
  • He shares his biggest challenge in his business and why all of us can probably relate.


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